Why Ideaium?

Ideaium is a full service agency located in Dallas, Texas servicing clients around the globe. We have a diverse team that has worked with companies in all the major industries.

Lean Marketing Approach

Branding, Positioning and Messaging are the key elements of our digital service offering. We feel these core elements will effect all facets of your strategic roadmap and marketing plan.

Branding- An effective branding strategy will give you the competitive edge in today’s digital markets.

Positioning-Positioning helps establish your product’s or service’s identity within the eyes of the purchaser in different target markets.

Messaging-Effective messaging is essential to position your brand in the market place.


Damian Skinner
Damian Skinner is an award winning international speaker, marketing strategist, Entertainment consultant and film director/producer. He serves as C.E.O. for Ideaium, a marketing firm based in Dallas, TX. He consults with corporations, startups and professionals to create innovative marketing strategies, interactive campaigns, product development and various new media opportunities.

He uses his 20+ years of entertainment knowledge to add a different spin to marketing campaigns. His first feature film, Red Ridge, won the New York International Film Festival. During that time he was building an entertainment company called Realm Studios of which he later sold. He next was introduced to the amazing world of entertainment marketing. He consulted with several major brands such as American Idol, Universal Music and various other media companies.

His company Ideaium focuses on developing the client’s story and products and getting their authentic messages in front of their target market. It all starts with helping them with the big 3 – Branding, Positioning, and Messaging. If you leverage these you will truly reach your market and bring them to action. He uses video as a primary medium to engage consumers with campaigns.